Tonja Walker was recently brought back for a role that she originated. In the soap world, that is a pretty amazing thing. Olivia Jerome was present on "General Hospital" in the late '80s, but only stuck around Port Charles for two years. Now that the Jerome crime family has been resurrected on the show, there is plenty of room for Olivia to waltz back into town.

Tonja Walker celebrates return

According to Soap Opera Digest, Tonja Walker took to her Facebook page to thank fans for making her return to "General Hospital" a reality. She acknowledged that people have been writing and calling the show asking for her to return for several years.

There is plenty of excitement that she will be back on set and plenty of hope for the dynamic she will have working opposite William deVry (Julian) and Maura West (Ava).

Rumors had been circulating that Tonja Walker may have been cast as Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) but that was debunked when she spoke out to her fans. In fact, she posted her video just after she pulled into the "General Hospital" parking lot for her first day of filming. If that is the case and it was truly her first day, fans can expect to see her air in approximately two weeks.

Olivia Jerome arrives for February sweeps

In the soap world, sweeps periods are incredibly important. It looks like the "General Hospital" writers are going to have Olivia Jerome arrive in Port Charles just in time to tie into February sweeps.

This is a genius move, because the idea that Tonja Walker is reprising her role is exciting for fans. It is unknown how things are going to tie in with Julian and Ava, but the anticipation is sweeping across fan groups and social media.

The younger "General Hospital" fans won't remember Tonja Walker, but many of the older ones will.

She also played Alex Olanov on the now-defunct ABC soap, "One Life to Live." Her persona is the dangerous bad girl, something that definitely fits with the way people are envisioning Olivia Jerome will end up being on the show.