"General Hospital" February sweeps are upon us once again. These are usually pretty intense, tying up loose ends that hung around from the November sweeps period. Right now, fans want to know who killed Tom Baker (Don Harvey) and how Nelle (Chloe Lanier) fits in to the Corinthos/Spencer family.

What's happening on 'General Hospital' this week

This is the first week of sweeps, and it will be slow going. Fans want to know more about Nelle and why she's in Port Charles, though speculation is she is Carly's (Laura Wright) daughter. Right now, Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman) thinks she's up to something, but doesn't know what yet.

Spoilers are indicating that she is going to ask for help this week. As it turns out, she will be reconnecting with an old friend. She may be asking Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) for help investigating Nelle, though it could also be someone else.

Another huge mystery seems to be who killed Tom Baker. Suspects are Franco (Roger Howarth) and Alexis Davis-Jerome (Nancy Lee Grahn). Things aren't what they seem with this "General Hospital" storyline, and fans aren't convinced either suspect is guilty. Seth Baker (Michael Rodrick) is very suspicious, and it was revealed on Friday that he is likely the person who put Franco in the storage locker. He revealed to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) that he knew Franco locked his brother in a dog crate, which got her attention.

No one else knew that, and now, she finds herself in his home.

Sonny and Jason disagree

There is going to be a disagreement between the once-close friends. Speculation is that it has to do with Nelle. Jason (Billy Miller) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) have come a long way and are working on getting as close as they once were. Jason has made it clear that he disapproves of Sonny keeping the fact that he slept with Nelle (even though it didn't happen) a secret from Carly.

It looks like the topic is going to rise to the surface again and he is going to tell Sonny he doesn't approve once more.

Port Charles is about to get busier. From finding out who murdered Tom Baker, to the true identity of Nelle being revealed, February sweeps are kicking off, and going to provide fans with both more questions and long-awaited answers.