Tom Sandoval and Ariana Maddox have talked about how they don't plan to get married. This is because Ariana doesn't believe in marriage or think that you need to do it. This doesn't mean that the couple isn't head over heels in love, though. They know they want to be together and even have plans to buy a house together. Now Tom is talking about if they have changed their marriage plans.

Will Tom and Ariana ever get married?

Last night while on "Watch What Happens Live," Tom Sandoval talked about their future plans. First off, he says that they don't need marriage and know who they are to each other.

He also said that Ariana is a "softie" and it sounds like the idea of marriage is something she is looking into more than she used to. Tom said that they will see what happens.

Only time will tell what Ariana and Tom will do, but right now they are enjoying life together. Ariana has already said she doesn't want kids and they do live together. They will end up doing what is best for them. It doesn't look like Tom and Ariana will end up splitting even if they don't get married to each other at some point.

Also on "Watch What Happens Live," Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz shared a kiss to make a fan happy. These two do have a great relationship, but their other halves don't have anything to worry about because they are just really good friends, who sometimes get a little too close.

When these first two started dating, everyone would have been shocked if Ariana had agreed to getting married someday, but when you see them together, it is obvious that they are a perfect couple. It wouldn't be surprising if she changed her mind and ended up marrying Tom at some point. There has been a lot of talk about if Tom Sandoval or Jax Taylor will end up married first.

Do you think that Tom Sandoval and Ariana Maddox will end up getting married at some point? Do you feel like they really need to do it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo.