It's time for another heartbreaking episode of “This Is Us” and Tuesday night's show is clearly going to be a particularly emotional one. The spoilers available for this one indicate that the spotlight will be on Randall and his biological father William and there are hints swirling that things could go from emotional to devastating. What's on the way with Episode 16 titled “Memphis”?

Emotions are running high for Randall and William

Over the past couple of episodes, viewers watched as Randall started to break down due to all of the stress he was facing both at work and at home with his father's illness.

A phone call to Kevin led to an intense and heartwarming moment last week as Kevin left his play premiere to be by his brother's side during an obvious time of need, as he knew it's what their father Jack would have done.

The February 21 show is titled “Memphis” and Randall will step away from work and things at home to head to Memphis with William. “This Is Us” spoilers from the Hollywood Reporter detail that this will be a standalone episode and the action picks up about a week after that moment between Kevin and Randall.

The men take a road trip to Memphis, Tennessee

Randall will realize that he needs to make William a priority for however much time they have left together and the two men head to Memphis where William grew up.

Viewers will see some of their extended family and learn a lot about William's upbringing. This trip will bring the two quite a bit closer to one another, but there are “This Is Us” spoilers swirling that one of them ends up in the hospital while they're together out of town.

Is this the episode where William dies? Show creator Dan Fogelman teased via TV Guide that he couldn't confirm anything about when this death takes place, but viewers are bracing themselves for the possibility.

Fogelman said that the back half of Season 1 focuses quite a bit on William's illness, and there are still two episodes ahead before the hiatus.

Where do things head in the last Season 1 shows?

It is worth noting that Episode 17 set to air on March 7 is titled “What Now?” and the Pearson family will get together at Randall and Beth's house for a party that is unusual in some sense.

Could this be some kind of wake or funeral for William, or will he still be around to join the family in celebrating?

There is no new episode airing on February 28 due to a presidential address, so once again fans will be left hanging for a bit due to the schedule shift. Episode 16 of “This Is Us” titled “Memphis” featuring Randall and William airs on Tuesday, February 21 and the Season 1 finale comes on March 14. How do you think things will end heading into the break before Season 2 begins?