This week will see Meredith get her job back in "Grey's Anatomy" season 13, after being suspended for refusing to allow Eliza Minnick in her OR. However, the show will go on a week long break after the episode, before returning with Meredith caught in a civil war between Riggs and Alex. It's time for a sneak peek into the drama at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Civil War in Grey Sloan Memorial

There's no denying that Shonda Rhimes knows how to create drama. Every season the doctors in "Grey's Anatomy" go up against each other for one reason or another. Earlier this season saw Riggs side with Meredith in a plan, which ultimately failed.

In episode 15, Meredith will need to choose a side in a potential upcoming surgery. At the moment, it isn't clear just what she has to made a choice on.

All fans know is that she will have to choose between her best friend Alex and her lover Riggs. Alex has only just got his job back, after his half a season long trial ordeal, but his best friend was always by his side. Now it looks like he will expect her to be on his side again. It is going to be difficult for Meredith to make a decision. Civil war could open the chance for Maggie and Riggs to get closer, as they potentially bond over a patient.

Expect a week-long 'Grey's Anatomy' season 13 break

There will be no new episode next week. Episode 14 will air this week, with Alex returning to his surgical position in the hospital and Meredith making a decision whether to stand with Bailey or continue her fight with Webber.

At the same time, Minnick will need to decide whether she wants friends at the hospital or to continue alienating herself for her teaching method to be introduced.

There will be no new episode on March 2. "When We Rise: The People Behind the Story" will be a one-hour special on at 8pm on ABC instead, ahead of the two-hour scheduled program "When We Rise." However, fans only have to wait for a week and episode 15 with civil war in the hospital will air on March 9 at the usual time of 8pm.