The CW's new take on classic Archie comics is a vast difference from the days of getting a milkshake, and focusing on if Archie will pick Betty or Veronica. When the show began, we learned that Archie is having an affair with his teacher, Veronica and her mom have lost their money, Jughead is writing a crime novel and has a strained (at best) relationship with Archie, Betty has feelings for Archie, and the body of Jason Blossom is found washed ashore. Just a few episodes in and "Riverdale" has been described as "The OC" meets "Twin Peaks," and "Pretty Little Liars."

A dark spin on a classic love triangle

Everyone is familiar with the classic Betty (Lili Reinhart), Archie (KJ Apa), and Veronica (Camila Mendes) Love Triangle, but the CW is flipping the stereotypes of "rich girl" versus "good girl." "Riverdale" brings a dark side to good girl Betty, and a humble side to rich girl Veronica.

The relationship between Veronica and Betty got off to a rocky start, with Betty's mom telling her to stay clear of the heiress, and Veronica and Archie's closet kiss. Despite the way they started, they won't be fighting over Archie, because their relationship will be based on a real connection between them. The goal is to see them evolve as "real friends." KJ Apa revealed that by the end of season 1 Archie will be leaning toward one of them, though he may not necessarily make a decision. It's safe to assume that "Riverdale" will draw out the love triangle.

To make matters more complicated, Archie is a witness to Jason Blossom's murder, though he can't tell anyone because he was with his teacher Miss Grundy at the time.

Miss Grundy in this incarnation is a music teacher who also happens to be having an affair with Archie. "Riverdale" doesn't do anything simple. Instead of a clean break between the two, Archie discovers a passion for writing lyrics and playing guitar, he goes to her with the promise he won't tell anyone that they were together if she'll help him with his music.

The next episode will focus on Miss Grundy's past, setting up what appears to be a stolen identity and a possible connection to Jason. It will air on February 16th on The CW.

A darker, moodier, and noir tone

The tone of "Riverdale" is described as being moodier, darker, and a little bit noir. The pilot opens with a narration of events by Jughead (Cole Sprouse) who's writing a crime novel about the current murder.

This narration sets the tone before Jason's body is even found. With each episode, the show gets a little darker and a little more eccentric. The darkest of which is last week's episode which found Veronica as the victim of "slut-shaming" by a jock who claims an innocent date was more than that. When she and Betty realize that other girls have been the victim of this harassment, they seek revenge. In a bizarre twist, Betty's dark side is revealed when she handcuffs the jock in a hot tub, turns the water up to boiling temperatures, and she refers to him as Jason, and herself as Polly (Betty's sister that had a nervous breakdown at the hands of Jason).

Lili Reinhart calls the introduction of Betty's dark side as an alter ego derived from a breaking point.

She goes on to explain that the dark side shown is Betty's way of getting revenge for her sister after seeing Polly's name in the jocks' book. Reinhard shares that Betty has a facade that she shows the world, but underneath is a broken person. Fans have speculated that Betty suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, but this hasn't been confirmed by the writers, or The CW. As of right now only Veronica, and Betty's mother know about her dark side. "Riverdale" hasn't shared how Betty's dark persona will affect her relationships, or the love triangle.

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