Ben Affleck's departure from the directing of "Batman" has left us shocked. What could have happened so that the filmmaker and actor left such an important project? We can only get an idea of ​​this, especially now that we know that his possible replacement, Matt Reeves, has also canceled negotiations with Warner to take over the project. And although Internet rumors are rumored that Ridley Scott could be in charge of directing the next sequel, having swallowed his oath against directing superhero movies if the rumor turns out to be true, we have some candidates for replacing Affleck and Reeves.

Below, we show you 3 top-name directors predicted to fill the Affleck's role, and one of them is a favorite.

1- Jonathan Nolan

Jonathan, not Christopher. We refer to the brother of the director of the trilogy of “The Dark Knight," who recently left us hallucinating in the "Westworld" series. While it seems that Warner is choosing to advance and propose a new version of the character, Jonathan Nolan could be an ideal option to recover the best of the previous characterization of "Batman." And he was also the co-scriptwriter of the previous films of the "Masked Crusade." Hence, he poses as a suitable candidate to save the project head. Now, if he wants to go back to "Superhero" movies is another matter.

2- David Fincher

The director of “The Fight Club” is a bet that should be taken into account. Especially if we want a police version with a detective. In addition, his experience in the trailer suggests that he could keep us on edge if the film also has some serial killer like Victor Zsasz in between. Experiences in Gotham can include anything from the Joker to Bain to even lesser villians like the Riddler.

3- Scott Derrickson

The film director of “Doctor Strange," Derrickson is a guy who knows how to move in sordid environments as well. If we want a Batman that moves in the Supernatural or lugubrious tones, as in the comic Arkham Asylum or saving the distances, the recent history of "The Court of the Owls". His imprint as a director could offer a rather dark and twisted journey to Ben Affleck's Knight's damaged mind, portraying the darker sides of his personality.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the coming trailer of the Sequel, and stay tuned for more updates.