"The Batman" is in desperate need of a Director. Originally, it was going to be Ben Affleck, but he departed from the chair to focus on starring in the movie. Next up was Matt Reeves, but Friday brought the news that contract talks had broken down between him and Warner Brothers, leaving the director position empty once again. So what candidates have a legitimate chance at filling the void?

George Miller

The director is famed for his ability to bring stunning action to the forefront, as evidenced by the sonata-like beauty of "Mad Max: Fury Road." He has a connection to the DC universe, as he was once tapped to work on a Justice League feature film, which never came to fruition.

If the studio has a desire to see an action-packed caper, Miller would be the logical choice for "The Batman."

Matt Ross

He is a relative unknown as a director, but is reportedly on the shortlist for "The Batman." His first directing experience with a feature film was last year's "Captain Fantastic," which went on to generate a large amount of critical praise. He is still a relative novice, so putting him in charge of one of the most legendary franchises of all-time would certainly be a risky proposition.

Gavin O'Connor

O'Connor already has a relationship with Affleck, serving as his director on "The Accountant" in 2016. He has already taken the dive into another comic book property in "The Green Hornet," which may inhibit him from including "The Batman" in what is sure to be a busy schedule for the filmmaker.

Denis Villeneuve

Non-film fanatics probably would not recognize the name of this director. In the coming years, however, people will begin to realize how many big movies he has been at the helm of. Following the success of "Sicario," he put forth an Academy Award nominee in "Arrival." Next up for him is "Blade Runner 2049," a reboot of the classic science fiction flick. Could "The Batman" be in the works for him too? His presence would certainly be a major coup for Warner Brothers after their recent struggles to find a filmmaker who stuck.