"The Bachelor" Nick Viall is down to nine girls as he heads to St. Thomas for the Episode 6 dates on Monday night and fans are anxious to find out who goes home tonight and who moves on to the next round of dates that will determine who Nick's final four girls are?

Although Corinne Olympios has been stirring up some major drama this season, she isn't the only one makes waves this week. In fact, spoilers point to Corinne being one of the least dramatic girls during the St. Thomas, but contestant Jasmine Goode will shake things up so much that Nick will end up in tears.

Here are the latest spoilers for Episode 6 of "The Bachelor" but it's important to watch the episode (8 p.m. on ABC) — it's a can't-miss episode when Taylor returns to set the record straight about Corinne and Jasmine reveals a sex secret that will have everyone talking.

Another two-on-one date

Last week's 2-on-1 date (Corinne and Taylor) was really awkward and Nick didn't waste any time sending Taylor home after she bad-mouthed Corinne. She'll return briefly on Monday night, but don't expect Nick to take her back. This week, two more girls will be subject to the dreaded 2-on-1 date, but it will end in heartbreak for both Danielle L. and Whitney. Reality Steve has revealed that Nick will send Whitney home first and will then decide to send Danielle home as well.

With two girls already gone, the remaining seven girls will try their best to get time with Nick in hopes of getting another rose.

Roses and drama

One girl who will definitely make it to Week 7 is Kristina Schulman. Spoilers indicate that she will be the lucky lady who gets a one-on-one date in St. Thomas and after sharing a personal story, Nick gives her a rose.

Group dates are normally low on the drama, but not tonight. ABC teases that the volleyball date (Corinne, Rachel, Raven, Jasmine, Danielle M., and Vanessa) turns out to be a drama-fest instead of a relaxing day on the beach. The preview below shows lots of tears, but it's not just the girls who will be crying.

According to Reality Steve, Nick will have a little breakdown when he realizes that some of the girls may not be there for the right reasons.

One girl in particular — Jasmine Goode — is one contestant who makes Nick worry that he won't find love this season.

Spoilers indicate that Nick sends Jasmine home during the group date and she reveals on her way out that she had sex with one of his friends before joining the "Bachelor" cast. She doesn't tell Nick who the friend is but fans can expect that to come out at some point after the season ends — or sooner.

Rose ceremony canceled

Nick cancels the rose ceremony tonight after sending three girls home during this week's dates. Next week, Nick will travel with six girls — Corinne, Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, and Danielle M.— to another tropical location — Bimini, Bahamas. By the end of next week's episode, Nick will reveal the final four girls who will move on to the hometown dates episode and one step closer to the final rose ceremony.