Sean Spicer tried to show that he was a good sport, but he missed the mark both times he was interviewed about Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of him in a "Saturday Night Live" skit. Let's face it, "SNL" is honed in on Trump and his entourage so as long as this show is on the air, skits like the one denoting Spicer will continue to pop up.

So what did Spicer have to says about his mirror image at the "SNL" podium? Before you read any further, it would be good to keep in mind that Spicer is not known for his sense of humor, which was reported by NBC News.

That is too bad because what Melissa McCarthy did on that "SNL" stage was an hilarious work of art.

McCarthy spot-on with Spicer caricature

McCarthy did a visual caricature of Spicer, that exaggerated the different parts of his demeanor. McCarthy didn't just chew gum, she gnawed at it, keeping a beat. She didn't show Spicer as the man with the blunt answers, she made him into a combative press secretary. You can see the video below:

Portrays Spicer like a cud-chewing press secretary

Her portrayal made Spicer look unstable emotionally, petulant and evasive, but it was all in the name of comedy. She didn't go over that line, although some might say she came close. She stayed within the boundaries of comedy just enough so that even the most staunch Trump supporters found her funny.

Trump not a fan

Trump is no fan of "SNL" and it was Alec Baldwin's imitation on him that most likely cinched that deal. He constantly tweets about how "unwatchable" "Saturday Night Live" has become, but he sees enough of it so he can comment on what Baldwin is doing. Apparently even if it is "unwatchable," he still watches it.

Spicer short on sense of humor?

As far as Spicer goes, he was interviewed at the Super Bowl on Sunday by "Extra's" A.J. Calloway and asked about what he thought of McCarthy's imitating him on "SNL." The White House Press Secretary really tried to sound lighthearted about it, but it was forced. He said while McCarthy was "funny" she "needs to slow down on the gum chewing." Apparently one thing he did notice was that she had "too many pieces in there." He also said she "could dial back" just a tad.

Calls McCarthy's skit 'cute'

Fox News asked Spicer on Monday about the "SNL" and he said it was "cute," but he'd rather talk about the issues that the president is working on for all Americans. That was a blunt sidelining of the subject, but he was prodded again and he finished off with "it's part of American culture."

As "Fox and Friends" mentioned on their live show Monday morning. Spicer was portrayed by a woman who was chewing a wad of gum like she was on a mission. She was pushing a podium into a pseudo-reporter in this skit. If you were in his shoes, maybe you too would be a bit flustered over the ordeal.