"The Bachelor" contestant Jasmine Goode has been rather aggressive in her pursuit of Nick Viall, stating on night one that you "gotta do what you gotta do" to make an impression. As the season continues, fans will see the 29-year-old professional basketball dancer continue on her quest for the final rose, but when Nick rejects her, she get a little salty and fires back by telling Nick she slept with one of his friends before filming started.

As if this season isn't crazy enough with Corinne stripping in the pool and Liz sharing the news about her one-night stand with Nick, Jasmine brings on her own brand of crazy when Nick sends her home during one of the Week 6 group dates.

That's right, fans will have to wait until February 6 to see Jasmine's fiery exit, but isn't it good to know the drama isn't going to quit this season?

Jasmine doesn't handle rejection well

Getting a one-on-one date is a big deal as the season progresses — it's just about the only way to get an extended period of alone time with "The Bachelor" star Nick Viall. However, some contestants, including Jasmine Goode, get stuck on group dates week after week. While spoilers point to Jasmine making it far this season, not getting a date card for a one-on-one by Week 6 is not a good sign.

According to Reality Steve, the sixth episode is the end of the road for Jasmine.

During the episode that was filmed in St. Thomas, Nick pulls Jasmine aside during a group date after party to let her know that he's sending her home. Although fans won't find out until the episode airs on February 6 what Nick says to her, Jasmine's parting words are probably not what Nick expected to hear.

When Nick tells Jasmine that he's sending her home, she is so disappointed that tells him that she slept with one of his friends before filming got underway.

Why she felt compelled to tell Nick that she had a fling with one of his buddies is unknown, but it's clear that Jasmine didn't like getting rejected and decided to shake things up a little.

Nick's friend is a mystery man

Reality Steve states that he doesn't know which one of Nick's friends Jasmine slept with, but there's one thing that is clear — she did a good job stirring up a little drama when she made her exit, something that may give her an edge when producers start picking the cast for the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise."

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