Nick Viall's two years in "The Bachelor" franchise has felt like many more. The drama and controversy that is associated with him is well deserved.

Rough past on the series

His first season was Andi Dorfman's season as "The Bachelorette." Nick was heartbroken at the end, when Andi did not pick him for the final rose. During the show "After The Final Rose," Nick revealed to the audience that he and Andi had sex in the Fantasy Suite. In all the years of the show, this had never been done before. Once the cameras followed the couple to the door they had privacy.

Nick was the first to kiss and tell.

Nick went on to develop a flirty friendship with Kaitlyn just before she became "The Bachelorette." With his interest in her he asked to join the show on the fourth episode of the season. He went on to the final two -- only to be rejected again. Nick's stay in Paradise didn't go so well, either. Rumors go both ways on the ending. Many believe he knew he would be the next star of "The Bachelor."

Producers scripting the Rose Ceremonies?

Nick is having a lot of trouble each week behind the scenes. He has had such a failure rate with "The Bachelor" franchise that he is afraid of failing again, Hollywood Gossip reports. An insider let them know that Nick is actually struggling each week working out who stays and who goes.

According to a source inside the show, each week Nick has to have meetings with the producers before the Rose Ceremony. He is so worried about making another wrong decision and being humiliated that he simply can't decide alone. Apparently he has given them the go-ahead to tell him who should go, and to help him select the right one in the end.

Of course Nick is in on the decision. His connection with Corinne seems purely sexual but he has spoken of their emotional connection in interviews. He kept the season villain around because he wanted her, not for ratings.

In the finale this season we will see Nick propose to one of the ladies. Spoilers tell us who it is and the show's inside source tells us that the producers picked her! Even if Nick doesn't find love, he has managed to stop selling software because of all the opportunities being "The Bachelor" has created for him.