katherine heigl may have just given birth to her first biological child in December, but the actress is already publicly enjoying being a mother of three. She’s shared several snapshots of baby Joshua Bishop on her social media as fans swoon over the newborn.

Katherine posted a photo showing her cuddling baby Joshua this past week with the caption “soaking up some morning baby love.” The new mom was makeup-free in the image as she and her son snuggle in their pajamas.

Fans flocked to Heigl’s Facebook to show their support as they ‘liked’ and commented on the sweet post.

Over 140,000 of Heigl's fans liked the post as another 1,000 left comments such as "he's so precious" on the image. Of course, the snuggle session is just one of a few pictures of baby Joshua as Katherine continues to update fans on her son's progress.

Katherine seems to be taking to postpartum life as she continues to share laid-back photos with her children. She celebrated her husband's birthday by sharing a cute snapshot of him holding their sleeping son as she expressed her love for them both last week as well.

Heigl's two candid photos this past week are the first impromptu images of her baby. She did, however, share several photos of Joshua during her first post-pregnancy interview as she introduced him to the world.

Katherine Heigl's first postpartum interview

Katherine discussed how life has changed since welcoming her third child during a postpartum interview. She also used the interview as an opportune time to share the first photos of baby Joshua as she and husband Josh Kelley posed with their son.

In fact, Katherine said she’s ready for more children as she spoke about her pregnancy during the interview.

“I’d get pregnant again, and I still am very inspired by adoption. I also have been thinking a lot about fostering.”

Heigl and Kelley, who have been married since 2007, are also parents to adopted daughters Adalaide and Naleigh. The 38-year-old also discussed life after birth as she states she wouldn’t mind spending every day at home with her kids.

Katherine Heigl's life as a mom of three

Katherine said she had to make changes to her schedule so she could stay home in leggings all day and craft with her kids. However, she also states she will always love acting and isn't quite ready to give up her Hollywood career.

Heigl's ready to lose the baby weight and learn how to juggle her workload with being a mom, but also wants to make sure she sets time aside to hang with her growing family.

“But when that is done, [I can] go home and completely turn that part of my life off. And that, to me, is very necessary.”

One thing is certain, and that's motherhood looks good on Katherine as she continues to post updates on her family and share sweet moments with her fans.