Bobbi Kristina Brown and whitney houston may be gone, but deep, dark secrets pertaining to the mother and daughter's relationship continue to emerge. Mothers and daughters around the globe have had touch and go relationships since the beginning of time, and it is no secret that Whitney Houston and bobbi kristina Brown had their share of battles also, but one battle, in particular, is extremely disturbing.

What really happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown?

A new Reelz Channel TV special, "Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bobbi Kristina Brown" aired on February 11th revealing some interesting, but, very shocking information according to a recent Rolling Out report.

Whitney and her daughter Bobbi were very much alike in many ways, both women battled addictions to drugs and alcohol, and both were drawn romantically to men who were dangerous and violent.

Shocking similarities in life and death.

However, the violence did not stay confined to their romantic relationships, and new details claim that the mother/daughter duo often engaged in dangerous, and violent outbursts among themselves. According to Ian Halperin, a known celebrity expert and author of the book "Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame" spoke on the RV special saying that Bobbi was very aware of her mom's instability. He also claims that Bobbi also would engage Whitney in heated altercations when she knew Whitney was high.

"She knew her mother was a ticking time bomb because of all the drugs, all the emotional fragility. She would try not to go against her, although there were at least a couple of times when violence broke out. She once tried to stab her mother!"

It has been five years since the shocking news of Whitney Houston's death was announced that stated that the "I Will Always Love You" singer had been found dead in her hotel bathroom, submerged in water.

In an eerie turn of events, it was three years later when young Bobbi was also found in her Georgia home's bathroom, submerged face down and unresponsive in water.

In both incidents, Bobbi's boyfriend Nick Gordon was on the scene. A forensic pathologist, who reviewed Bobbi Kristina's autopsy reports stated during the Reelz special that in his opinion there were signs that Bobbi Kristina may have tried to hurt herself, and it is possible that she could have even tried to commit suicide.

As far as Bobbi's death goes, her father singer Bobby Brown still believes that his daughter's death falls at the hands of Nick Gordon for reportedly giving Bobbi Kristina the "toxic" combination of drugs and alcohol taken before she slipped into a coma while in the tub.Do you believe the Houston/Brown family will ever get the real answers as to what went down leading up to Whitney and Bobbi's deaths?