"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer is no stranger to controversy. The assumptions and hints of drug use have gone on for years. The rumors of bad behavior seem to follow this mother of three. In 2014 when she was splitting with her second husband Jeremy Calvert, he accused her of cheating and filed for divorce. A few months later, Messer did seek treatment for anxiety and depression. Some believe she had actually sought treatment for drugs instead.

The exes weigh in

During that same time, the "Teen Mom 2" cameras were rolling when Jeremy met with Leah's first husband Corey Simms.

Both of the men were concerned about her alleged drug use, and prescription pills were mentioned. The possible drug use was brought up again when Simms was talking to his wife. As for Leah Messer, she denies the whole thing and says there was no drug use or treatment.

Fans have been watching Leah and say that she isn't the same. Many have taken to social media to express concern for her health and asking her to seek help. They want to remind her to take care of herself both physically and mentally. There has even been speculation of an eating disorder to explain her weight loss and physical changes.

Others, however, are much more accusatory and critical of Leah. When she mentioned making some soup, someone asked if she had used her meth lab's hot plate.

Others have accused her of actually being high.

Leah says she is happy!

When things had finally settled down in 2016 and the drug rumors weren't flying, the "Teen Mom 2" star began interacting with fans more online. Her posts were positive and happy. Often she posted pictures of herself, as well. In a recent post, she told everyone how happy and settled she really is in life now.

She also gave out a huge thanks to those that never gave up on her throughout her journey.

The whole story hasn't come out yet, but, stay tuned for more details as they become available. With the cameras rolling, chances are good that MTV and "Teen Mom 2" will be delivering the goods sooner or later.