It’s no secret that the Kardashians invade the news daily; whether it’s Kim’s fashion, Khloe’s new hair, or even all the adorable kids, we live in a Kardashian world. However, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie, is caught in yet another “style stealing” scandal.

Kylie is no stranger to fashion/style and her many ventures can show us this. She has a cosmetic line featuring her Kylie Lip Kits and she has her own store called kylie shop, which has clothing such as hoodies, sweats, and tops containing her unique and “authentic” looks.

But that is exactly what has come into question -- authenticity.

The first instance

Kylie launched her original lip kits in 2016 and sent the Instagram world and makeup lovers into a frenzy. They instantly sold out and the celebrity has been selling them since. In December 2016, makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused Kylie of using her makeup posts as promotional pictures for her product.

Kylie used Haggerty pictures as a post for her metallic lipstick line and only credited Haggerty after people commented that the image was stolen. The Kylie Lip Kit logo even resembles some of Haggerty’s pictures, as well as more Kylie campaigns. Haggerty was said to have taken legal action against Kylie.

It continues

In 2017 Kylie’s Kylie Shop merchandise is under ridicule for copying yet again. This time it is a flame design on one of her hoodies. The Instagram store @cake_asia, has an identical matching sweat suit with flames on the arms and legs of the pieces; that they have been selling for quite some time. Kylie has not yet commented on the identical pieces but Instagram has already taken note.

Not to mention, on Tuesday, February 7th, a small store with owner Jasper Cunningham has also accused Kylie of stealing a T-shirt design from his store. The shirt reads “The American Dream” and has been on Cunningham’s site. Kylie posted a picture with that exact same shirt, teasing followers with a new KendallandKylie piece.

Cunningham was unimpressed and addressed her in the post.

Being a famous public figure does not exempt anyone from stealing ideas. Although Kylie has a huge brand; her tendency to take without credit from smaller brands shows the carelessness of both her and her team. Hopefully she will think of her own ideas and concepts in the future.