"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans doesn't have to look for drama. It seems to find her everywhere she goes. Case in point: the delivery of her third child. David Eason, baby daddy to little Ensley, and barbara evans, Jenelle's Mom, couldn't manage to fly a flag of truce for the day.

Blasting News reported earlier that Barbara is saying that Jenelle is being "controlled" by David. Well, we are hearing this claim again as she recounts their heated exchange in the delivery room as Jenelle was preparing to give birth! Barbara says that he kicked her out of the delivery room so she missed the birth of Ensley.

Jenelle weighes in on Twitter

According to Radar Online, Jenelle spoke up on her Twittter account. She tweeted that her mom wasn't thrown out but had gotten angry and left and only said that so that people would feel sorry for her. The mother and daughter have a long history of problems as well. A very pressing issue between them right now is the ongoing custody battle over Jenelle's oldest son Jace. He is currently living with Barbara. He watched as his brother Kaiser was put in the custody of their mom, and now as his mom is growing the family, Jace continues to live with Barbara instead of with his mother and siblings.

The custody battle continues

The next court date in the case is May 23rd.

Any modifications to custody could happen at that time, including the possibility of Jenelle becoming the custodial parent of her firstborn. Of course, the recent accusations of Jenelle being controlled by David may be heard again at that hearing. Barbara has said she feels that they don't want her around. What would it do to her relationship with Jace if Jenelle had custody?

All the feuding isn't good for the children involved, and nobody wins. Spending some time mending fences and repairing their relationship would be the better way to settle things and reunite the family. As the children grow, they need to have their whole family, and not just on birthdays and holidays. Stay tuned for more details as this story develops.