"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans just gave birth this week to her third child. The baby daddy is her current boyfriend David Eason. The early stages of the pregnancy are now being aired on the show due to the taping schedule of MTV for the series.

Is David controlling Jenelle?

The episode that aired last night showed Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans, speaking with a producer and voicing her concerns for her daughter. She feels that David may be trying to "control" Jenelle. Coincidentally, this is the same producer that Jenelle told she wasn't pregnant.

Later she tried to clear up any misunderstanding by explaining that she had experienced a miscarriage and got pregnant again right away. On her Twitter account, she blamed the confusion on "wonky MTV editing," not her answer when asked a direct question.

Apparently she denied being pregnant to her mother as well. Barbara, who has custody of her 7-year-old son Jace, felt that David was at the root of the problem. Her concern was that he was isolating Jenelle from those that cared about her and wanted her all to himself. She feels that the couple doesn't want her around. By Jace's reaction to the news of his mother's pregnancy, viewers were left to wonder if he felt the same way as his grandmother.

He appeared to be upset by the news, rather than happy to have a new sibling on the way. With the custody battle between Barbara and Jenelle over Jace, and his mother having a third child, it has to be confusing to such a young boy.

Not your typical mother-daughter relationship

Jenelle and her mother have a tumultuous relationship.

The battle over Jace is at the center of it all. Could that be the reason the "Teen Mom 2" star isn't confiding in her mother? Or is she really as controlled by David as her mother believes? Jenelle and David named their new daughter Ensley Jolie. He has two children from previous relationships. Something else he and his newest baby momma have in common. With five children between them and several exes involved in co-parenting and visitations, it has to be a bit chaotic for the couple.