Hey, "Blindspot" fans. We're coming at you, again, with another sneak peek spoilery look at what episode 14 of season 2 will be throwing at you, courtesy of the wonderful FOX people. We've got something interesting, going on as the team has discovered a tattoo that leads them to a secret society that has a lot of power. However, they're not going to be able to get close to them without their old buddy, Rich Dotcom, and more.

It's "Borrow Or Rob"

The official FOX press release for this installment, also presented us with a title, so that we know what the damn thing is called.

They've named it: "Borrow Or Rob." It's a pretty interesting title. They start off their official synopsis by putting in all-caps, a sentence that really gets straight to the point of what this whole episode is about, telling us: "Undercover in a secret society with Rich Dotcom."

The tattoo goes to work

Next, they went on to elaborate on that by revealing that the team will eventually see a tattoo that is pointing them in a new direction. One that features a powerful collegiate secret society at its destination point. However, the team eventually realizes that it's going to be a pretty impossible task to try an infiltrate them without enlisting some help from one of their past alumni peeps, Rich Dotcom.

After that, FOX didn't give up anymore intel, so we're left with some burning questions, here. Will the team be able to convince Rich to give them a helping hand in this matter? Or will Rich tell them to take a hike? If Rich does help them, what kind of action will we see, take place in this intriguing, undercover operation?

Hopefully, we'll get an answer to all those questions in this episode.

Also, FOX is expected to deliver up a new promo/spoiler clip for episode 14 right after they air episode 13, tonight, so you might want to be on the look-out for it if you want to get some extra details about it, because they almost always show us something that wasn't revealed in their press release.

Also, the press release did confirm that we can expect to see this thing, hit the airwaves next Wednesday night, February 15th, 2017 at 7pm central time, so be sure to make note of that, and stay tuned.