According to some surveys of some social networks, the fans think that the universe that belongs to the Clown God will face the universe of Beerus. It is also likely that the universe 6 of Champa will be destroyed for having lost against the universe of the Clown God.

A friendship after hate?

We know that Goku and Hit have been friends since they fought in the Beerus versus Champa tournament. Hit is very powerful, but in the tournament of the 12 universes, he will be defeated by another stronger fighter. We know that the universe that loses all its battles will be destroyed by Zeno Sama.

Goku will likely face the most powerful warrior of the Clown God. Though this is not yet been confirmed 100%, the Clown-Like deity has many characteristics similar to the participant who fights against Goku throughout the new saga's opening sequence.

Official anime preview

In a previous advance, the hidden participant of the Clown deity was smaller, skinnier, and wore white gloves. In the advance of chapter 78 the design of the participant of the divine Clown is now taller, muscular, and essentially the opposite of what was initially given. It's possible that the group that creates this great series wants to surprise us and will not reveal the true identity of the hidden warrior until they are nearing the end of the universal tournament, but the vast majority of fans deduce that the participant of the Clown God is the warrior who appears fighting against Goku in the new, second opening sequence.

The prophecy of the universal Gods

It is rumored that 8 Gods of Destruction will join forces against Zeno Sama and will unite to destroy all good Gods and Angels. With this in mind, there is a possibility that the tournament will end with the death of some beloved character. It is not yet 100% confirmed that it will happen after the universal tournament, but perhaps, a new enemy will appear.

Either way, with the tournament of the 12 universes officially underway, we will likely find out more as the episodes progress.