Tamron Hall appeared on the "Steve Harvey" daytime talk show on Thursday, February 9, 2017. She was there to talk about domestic violence because her sister, Renate, was murdered in 2004. Her murderer has never been brought to justice. Tamron started the “Tamron Renate Fund” designed to support victims of domestic violence and their families. Steve surprised Tamron by introducing her to a woman who wanted to thank Tamron for changing her life.

Taped interview

Viewers probably wondered why the 46-year-old former co-host did not talk about her abrupt exit from the third hour of the "Today" show on NBC and her show on MSNBC.

There is a good reason why she did not talk about it. The interview with Harvey was taped before Hall stepped away from her jobs at the two networks.

It's ironic that while on the talk show, Tamron reminisced about her successful hosting career. She talked with Harvey about the interviews she was most proud of and about her friendship with the late Prince. Little did she know that between the taping and the airing of her interview, she would no longer be employed by NBC after four years and MSNBC after ten years. Hall still hosts "Deadline Crime" on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

Tamron's relationships

Tamron is a private person when it comes to her relationships. However, Harvey asked her about her love life.

He wanted to introduce her to a prospective suitor, but Tamron said she was seeing someone. She didn't say who it was, but she indicated that he works in entertainment. During the conversation, Tamron admitted she has been engaged twice.

Tamron's future

Tamron has not revealed anything about the next chapter of her life. It has been suggested for her to consider joining Kelly Ripa on "Live with Kelly." However, neither Hall nor Ripa have responded to that suggestion.

More about tamron hall is published in this week's issue of People magazine. Perhaps readers will get some of their questions answered as to why she walked away from two jobs and refused a multi-million dollar contract.