Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Maddox just can't seem to get along. Ever since Stassi came back again these two have shown that they just don't seem to have a way to become friends. In Touch Weekly shared that Stassi is now speaking out about her thoughts on what is going on between these two.

Why can't Stassi and Ariana be friendly?

Stassi actually makes it sound like the issue is that Ariana just doesn't like her. She has made it really clear that Stassi is not her favorite person. Stassi actually explained it saying, "I don't have a problem with Ariana, Ariana has a problem with me.

I've never done anything to her. I don't understand it, nobody's ever understood it, but I still try. It's like this joke like, 'one day, girl!" It will be pretty surprising to see if Stassi and Ariana actually ever end up getting along.

Ariana Maddox actually spoke out too and said that she doesn't believe Stassi when she said that her feelings were hurt. Ariana says that Stassi started everything at the wedding shower. She went on to explain that there is one way things could get better for them. She said, "If she would leave me alone, I wouldn't ever have to come back at her and life would be a lot easier for both of us." They could actually be around each other without being the best of friends and somehow they are going to have to find a way to exist in the same space with everyone else.

Stassi has had her own issues with several of the girls on the show. She even left for a while and then came back. Stassi Schroeder somehow won her way back into the group and has been able to work it out with everyone else, so only time will tell if she can win over Ariana. As long as Ariana is with Tom Sandoval, it doesn't look like she is going anywhere.

These two may not be getting married, but they are happy and looking to buy a home together soon.

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