When watching "Vanderpump Rules," there are always people that dream of having a job at SUR. The people on the show work there, but now they are more reality stars than servers. It turns out that Lisa Vanderpump needs to hire more people to work there and now E! is sharing what is required if you want to work at SUR in the future.

What does it take for this job?

Lisa Vanderpump went to Twitter to share about the job. She said, "Sur restaurant is looking for gregarious, experienced bar and waitstaff, love to work in fun filled busy atmosphere, please send resumé.RT." Of course, people started going crazy thinking they could get this job.

So there are a few things that have been learned from watching "Vanderpump Rules" as E! shared. One thing is that you must love dogs. Lisa Vanderpump is obsessed with her pups and will have them around you. If someone was scared of dogs, they would not be a good match for working with Lisa at all.

One thing that is important to Lisa is Los Angeles Gay Pride weekend. She will want you to be involved. She has the people who work at her restaurants on floats. You would need to be okay with doing this and have that weekend free. Getting along with Lisa and keeping her happy is going to be a plus, too. You also can't be afraid to wear a tight dress if you are a girl. They were the same outfits all the time on the show.

So you can assume that Lisa Vanderpump's messages are blowing up with people sending her a resume. She has to follow you to be able to send her a direct message, though. Lisa then sent another tweet saying to send it to the restaurant ASAP. It sounds like she was down a server or two and needed someone pretty soon. Lisa even retweeted the address of where to go so people can just take their resume in.

Do you think working at SUR would be a fun job? If so, do you think it would help you get on "Vanderpump Rules" and start your reality television career? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Mondays on Bravo.