One of the highlights of last week was the addition of the second generation to “Pokémon GO." Niantic's free mobile title players have again taken to the streets with the intention of doing it again with all these new creatures. However, catching the new Pokemon of the second generation has become a very difficult challenge for users. One of the main goals that users have focused on is the capture and collection of the new rare Pokemon, which have been included recently in the last update of Niantic. It is worth mentioning that another goal of the users is to level their trainers as high as they can, and evolve and boost their creatures to attack and defend gyms, all while filling that Pokédex.

Next, we share with you new, interesting steps to increase your chances of finding these rare Pokémon. Let’s see below.

Your coaching level

It is good to take into account that the higher your level of coach, the higher your chances of catching rare Pokémon. In most cases, these Pokemon with these characteristics tend to be the best and appreciated creatures in “Pokémon GO," because they have the highest statistics base. To find out how difficult it is to find the Pokémon you have just found, it is worth knowing which creatures are rare and how to increase your chances of finding them.

Increasing your chances of finding rare Pokémon in the game

1. Undoubtedly, eggs have been the easiest and most effective way to obtain some of the most evasive creatures on the list, taking into account that with 10km eggs, these rare creatures are more likely to be acquired than with 5km eggs and 2 km, so it is recommended to use the 10km as many times as possible and thus obtain the best results in the game.

2. It is important to take into account that in the game there are certain types of Pokémon such as Steel or Fire, which can be found in some different places instead of others. Recently, it has been revealed that areas with monuments and museums attract the rarest Pokémon, but overall, it is worth traveling and exploring new places to increase your chances of seeing something new.

3. Specific rare Pokémon can reappear at a certain point over and over again over time in Pokémon nests, so it is advisable to see if there is one of those near you. An interesting detail of these creatures is that they can breed individually.

4. The new items are very important, while the more medals you acquire, you will receive more capture bonuses for specific types.

This means that by catching low level common Pokémon you can improve your chances of getting rare creatures.

Additional information

It is important to remember that all creatures have an important use, no matter how easy they are to get, since some of the most common creatures in the game can help you find more rare Pokémon.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.