Most everyone is still agog over Lady GaGa at Super Bowl LI. But a few folks criticized the "Bad Romance" singer for copying P!nk with the halftime show flying act. Pink called out Lady Gaga too, but not in the way you might expect. She had harsh words but not for the halftime show performer at Super Bowl 2017.

Pink scolds Lady GaGa's scolders

The new mom took to Instagram to "squash" the fracas over the celebrity "copycat" flying stunt at Super Bowl LI. Pink said sure, she did it before the "Paparazzi" singer, but she wasn't the first. Peter Pan and Cirque du Soleil were doing it long before either of them.

She praised the artist born Joanne Germanotta for stellar choreography, singing, outfits, and her gutsy approach to the halftime show. In a word, GaGa "killed it." P!nk shouted out the "Poker Face" singer for having the courage to sing about inclusiveness and love in a racially-charged post-election atmosphere.

P!nk goes after critics' agenda

The animosity aimed at the Super Bowl LI halftime show performer was just smoke and mirrors, claims P!nk. The Facebook and Twitter drama drew attention away from the real controversy facing the U.S.-- the election of President Donald Trump. The "Just Give Me a Reason" singer faulted the "so-called leader" for "stripping away humanity minute by minute." The mom of two has long advocated LGBT equality, women's rights, and tolerance for all.

Why critics are shaming Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa did an interesting thing at the Super Bowl. Fans and foes alike sang her praises and her halftime show seemed to unify a polarized nation. Social media wars ceased as she sang. Like the "Cricket in Times Square," folks stopped long enough to listen. Afterward, faults were found -- her "belly fat" showed and weight loss was suggested.

Then came the P!nk thing. Were they just looking for a reason to squabble? Well, P!nk had the last word, suggesting that instead of hating and shaming, Lady GaGa gave them a reason to love again. "Joanne" may have been "Born This Way" but P!nk proclaimed her "F--king Perfect."