The good word on Facebook Feb. 6 was Lady Gaga. Fans and foes agreed that there were a "Millon Reasons" to love her Super Bowl halftime show. But in all the cheering, there was the body-shaming. A few folks went on the offensive toward GaGa's "belly fat." They called for weight loss or at least better hiding of her stomach during the performance. Fans and even many former foes played defense, praising the "American Horror Story" star for having the body confidence to display an "imperfect" stomach.

Lady GaGa wins Super Bowl

Super Bowl commercials, the halftime show, snacks, appetizers, and football -- the annual event is America's biggest block party.

Different years have seen epic wins and fails, and not just in the game. Singing the national anthem is one fo the most difficult plays of all. Luke Bryan got a nod for his version of this challenging song. But the winner of Super Bowl LI was Lady GaGa. The "Bad Romance" singer's show included Americana songs, tons of energy, a highwire trapeze act, and all of her repertoire. Folks ate up the "Paparazzi" artist's shout-out to her parents and her oppostion to President Donald Trump.

Lady GaGa bares belly with confidence

The singer (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germotta) has worn some startling costumes, but the one that seemed to shock most was her own skin. Most delighted that she chose to reveal her stomach even though it isn't anorexic supermodel or Kim Kardashian flat.

Maybe her song "Born This Way" explains why. Perhaps it goes beyond LGBT to promote body confidence regardless of obesity, body size, shape, color, sexual orientation, status, nationality, or religion.

Lady GaGa bowls folks over

Body-shamers said that the "Alejandro" singer should tuck in her tummy as if it was something to be ashamed of.

Comparisons were made to Super Bowl performances by Beyonce and Katy Perry. GaGa's "Little Monsters" called on bullies to show their less than perfect bodies. Others said at least she didn't rely on plastic surgery like most celebrities. But the bullying did have a positive impact. Many YouTube and Twitter users said GaGa's confidence gave them confidence.

GaGa is hardly obese, and her belly fat was hardly noticeable, but the point is, the celebrity isn't a perfect 10, and isn't ashamed of it.