Mackenzie McKee of "Teen Mom 3" totally freaked out social media, showing a Snapchat picture of her son nuzzling his dead dog. The image was so incendiary that In Touch put a graphic content warning. It's not clear what most upset folks, the deceased dog, photographing a dead animal, sharing said photo, or the child cuddling a dead pet. After the Teen Mom and her husband Josh McKee split, amid scandal that Mackenzie was cheating with a married man, what's next for the young mother?

'Teen Mom' dead puppy pictures shock

After the graphic content advisory, folks didn't know what to expect.

But it wasn't a child with his mouth pressed on a deceased animal. At first glance, little Gannon appeared to be eating something. Then it became clear that he was kissing the dead dog or rubbing the soft puppy fur on his lip as children sometimes do. Mackenzie McKee says that after their dog had a C-section, one puppy died. Gannon didn't understand exactly what happened and wanted to hold his puppy. But as "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham found when she appeared to give her daughter weight loss tea, pictures on social media can really set people off.

Folks question Mackenzie McKee on several counts

First, the animal rights militia wanted to know if the "Teen Mom 3" star had done all she could to save the dog, and if she was sure the puppy was dead.

The reality televsion star said yes, the vet had confirmed it. The decency squad was incensed at the insensitivity of posting photos of a dead creature. Some were concerned about psychological damage to the boy, letting him snuggle a dog cadaver. Would he turn out like Marilyn Manson? Then there were the infection concerns.

McKee assured everyone that they did finally bury the pup with all due respect and a funeral. She also tweeted this thanks to those who did understand:

'Teen Mom' wants closure for kids

McKee recently suffered a miscarriage and didn't get the closure she needed.

So she allowed the children to interact with their lost animal a while. She took pictures for posterity. Photographing the dead is actually a very old custom called memento mori. In Victorian times, the deceased were shown in their coffins and sometimes even posed to look alive. Today, moms who have stillborn children are encouraged to hold their baby and allow children to hold their sibling. It can greatly aid the grieving process. The controversy surrounds whether or not to post pictures on Instagram. Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook may not be the place to share such images.