Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy revealed on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, that both of them will be returning to "Dancing with the Stars" for Season 24 that premieres on Monday, March 20.

It was a surprise that not one but both of them are returning because they had hinted that they would be on diaper duty after the birth of their son, Shai Aleksander Chmerkovskiy on January 4. In fact, Peta said during an interview last week that she had more things to think about than if her mascara was on correctly.

Couple compete

Fans of Peta and Maks are happy about the news. It will be interesting to see them compete against each other. Maks was happy to share that the season he won was the season that both of them were on the show. They haven't been on the show at the same time in a few seasons. Maks was on Season 23 and partnered with Amber Rose. They were eliminated in Week 6. That season, Maks' younger brother, Val, won the championship with Laurie Hernandez. However, Peta was pregnant and did not compete. The 30-year-old dancer was the champion on Season 22 when she won the mirror ball trophy with the model, actor, and deaf activist, Nyle DiMarco.

'GMA' interview

During the interview on ABC's "GMA," a clip was shown of Peta and Maks rehearsing their dance steps together.

However, on the show, they will be partnered with two other people. It will be interesting to watch Peta, Maks and Val compete. They are all champions. Peta has won twice, Maks has own once, and Val has won once. The entire "Dancing With The Stars" cast will be revealed on "Good Morning America" on March 1.

This is the second consecutive week that Peta and Maks were on "GMA." Last week, they debuted their newborn.

Weekend anchor, Paula Farris, talked to the new parents from their baby's nursery. It was the first time the public had seen Shai. The 37-year-old father said he and Peta didn't want to share him until after they had spent time with him privately before introducing him to the public.

Busy season

Needless to say, it will be a busy season for Peta and Maks.

Other than caring for a newborn, they are also planning a July wedding. They have been engaged since December 2015, but they decided to wait until after their son was old enough to be part of the wedding. He will be six months old at the time of the 3-day wedding extravaganza that is expected to have at least 300 guests.