Alright, so we've got another couple, short spoiler teasers from AMC for their upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode 12 of the current season 7, and they sound pretty intriguing as someone is going to be forced into a position where they'll have to make decision that really challenges their morals. We'll also see one of the groups go out to hunt down more supplies at some point. They only gave us two storyline scoops, so there won't be much to learn from this.

It's "Say Yes"

We also got a title for this one. They decided to name it: "Say Yes." So, just like their synopsis, they kept the title very short.

Anyways, in their official teaser description, they tell us that we're going to see a big hunt for supplies, go down at some point by members of one of the groups. AMC was so vague about this that they didn't even feel the need to bother to tell us which group this is. They literally just said, "The group." So, it's like ok, thanks for nothing.

Anyways, so our obvious big question for this scenario, is which group will be the one hunting for supplies? It's probably Rick and company, but we certainly don't have any confirmation of that from AMC's description. Also, will this hunt for supplies prove to be quite fruitful? Hopefully, we'll get some more intel from their expected spoiler clips that they'll be releasing after episode 11 airs tonight.

A dilemma in Alexandria

Next, we learn that we'll be taken back to Alexandria to see what's going on over there, and it sounds like someone is going to be caught up in a little bit of a dilemma, as they tell us that this particular person is going to get forced into a position where they'll have to make a choice that goes against their morals.

Again, we got a vague description on this one too. We don't know which person this is going to be. They just told us that it's going to be someone. So, that'll be a big question for this episode, along with: will this person be able to go through with the decision? If so, how will it effect things? One thing's for sure. It should give us an interesting scene.

Alright, guys. So, that will be it for now, but we're going to be right back here, tomorrow, with a new spoiler session for this episode that will include the expected spoiler clips that AMC will be dropping tonight. We should definitely be getting some more intel from them. Also, we can confirm that episode 12 is set to air next Sunday night, March 5th, 2017 at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.