Bill Paxton has been a Hollywood icon for decades. The Texas native began his career decades ago in the film industry by working in the art department. From there he made a name for himself as a wonderful actor and filmmaker.

The family issued a statement

People magazine confirmed that Bill Paxton passed away yesterday due to complications from surgery. A family representative released a statement and asked that the family's privacy be respected as they mourn the loss of the beloved husband and father.

He has a long list of wonderful roles. In the 1970s he was nominated for an Emmy for his work in a television mini-series, "Hatfields and McCoys." He starred in many big movies such as "Twister" as a tornado chaser and "Titanic" as a treasure hunter.

Already a big name in Hollywood, his popularity rose when he played Morgan Earp in "Tombstone" in 1993.

Bill Paxton had a history with Tom Hanks that began on the set of "Apollo 13" when he played the part of Fred Haise. When he joined the cast of "Big Love."

His final projects

Bill Paxton's final movie role is again with Tom Hanks as a producer. "The Circle" is in post-production and also stars Emma Watson. The movie is based on the novel by Dave Eggers and shows the dangers of life in a digital age where privacy is a thing of the past.

The beloved actor was in the final season of "Training Day" on CBS. Recently his real-life son was a guest star for the eighth episode of the series. He was thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with his son.

His filming of the final season completed but his death comes only four episodes in.

Many stars have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the loss of a friend and fellow actor. The news of his untimely death has left many feeling shocked and saddened to have lost such a talented actor.

The actor is survived by his wife of 30 years, Louise Newberry, 22 year-old son James and 19-year-old daughter Lydia. There is no word yet on the final arrangements for an actor that will be greatly missed.