Hey, "Vampire Diaries" peeps. CW has dropped yet another press release scooper session for the upcoming episode 13 of the last season 8. There's some very interesting things happening too, because we've got Stefan on the brink of getting destroyed by all of his violent history! There's also going to be a surprise person to show up and hold Stefan captive. Then, at some point, Cade takes a dive into Bonnie's mind, and more!

An old enemy is back

So, what's the name of this wild installment? Well, they're calling it: "The Lies Are Going to Catch Up with You." So, yeah.

It's pretty lengthy. To kick things off, we learn that an old enemy is going to show back up on the scene to have a big confrontation with Damon and Alaric after they get their hands on a weapon that is supposed to be able to put an end to Cade's life. Unfortunately, they didn't reveal who this intriguing enemy will be, so we'll have to wait until this things airs to find that out ,unless they get shown in the promo clip that's expected to drop later on, tonight.

A shocking arrival

Next, we learn that a shocking acquaintance is going to show up on the scene to take Stefan captive at some point. And during this time, he's going to be forced to have to confront a very dark secret from his past.

What will this crazy, dark secret be? Who will this startling acquaintance be? These are two very interesting questions that we can't wait to see get answered. It sure sounds like this scene will give us all the drama we can handle.

Caroline and Matt go to work

Elsewhere, we've got a situation going on with Caroline and Matt.

Apparently, they will try their hardest to keep Stefan's very violent history from totally destroying him! Will they be successful? Or will Stefan become victim to this horrible fate? They didn't elaborate any further on this scene, so that's all we're left with at the moment.

She's in some major trouble

Lastly, we've got a teaser that involves Cade and Bonnie.

Apparently, Cade will really be targeting Bonnie now, and at some point, they tell us that he is going to dig deep into her mind. OMG, why is he doing this to Bonnie? What is he looking for in her mind? Those are some very big questions for this situation that they better hurry up and answer. This episode was directed by Tony Solomons,and Neil Reynolds handled all the writing duties for it. It's officially set to arrive on Friday night, February 17th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.