Actress Samantha Smith describes being back on "Supernatural" as a dream, and also happens to share the fan base's anxiety over possibly losing her character. A Cali girl, Smith was born in Sacramento, CA and is known for roles in "Rizzoli & Isles," "Criminal Minds," and films "Transformers," and "Jerry Maguire." Catch up with our own Mary Winchester. Get to know Samantha Smith.

Colleen Bement: As a big "Supernatural" fan, I can speak for the rest of us in telling you how happy we are to have you back on the show. I can also speak for the rest of us in sharing our anxiety over the possibility of losing you.

For now, what can you share about your experiences on the set in season 12?

Samantha Smith: Thank you! I’m just as thrilled to be back, and I share your anxiety. This season has been a dream. The "Supernatural" set has always felt comfortable and familial, and being there so much of the time now has only made it more so. As for working so much with J & J, and now Misha, who I’ve never really worked with before, we’ve been figuring it out together, in relation to Mary’s new, near-continual presence, navigating her place. It’s been fantastic and an adventure. 

Playing Mary Winchester has changed her life

CB: After all these years of playing the beloved character of Mary Winchester, how has "Supernatural" changed your life?

SS: Well, it’s responsible for my Twitter/Instagram following, I can tell you that. As far as changing my life, well, it’s certainly the role I’m most known for; which has impacted my career, of course. In that capacity it has given me some of the most fun roles I’ve been fortunate enough to play; as Mary has been not really one but many roles.

Also, I’ve always fancied my dream role to be Laura Croft, but there isn’t a single person who would have hired me to play that sort of character…until now! The "Supernatural" powers-that-be literally wrote it and said, here ya go!

On a personal level, I’ve travelled all over (at conventions) and have seen first-hand how the show has impacted the fans from across the world.

It was certainly eye-opening at first, as I didn’t have any idea it was happening. It fills my heart; I love that the show brings so much joy to so many.

Her beauty secrets

CB: As one woman to another, what is your beauty secret? You are just beautiful. Any tips for the rest of us ladies? 

SS: You are too kind. "The struggle is real!" Believe me, the lights in the makeup trailer allow few illusions. But I do my best, and mine are the typical solutions you hear but they really are the basis of longevity; drink tons of water, stay out of the sun, get enough rest, eat your veggies, take quality supplements, don’t drink too much alcohol, and use good skin care. I’m obsessed with Kate Somerville’s line, hydrating and clean and no perfume.

Ultimately, in addition to all that, (again, I know it’s trite but it’s true!), I find when I’m happy and calm I look my best. I do whatever I can to keep things in the status quo.

CB: Do you have any social causes that are close to your heart?

SS: I do, although I can’t say I have one cause to which I put all my energy. It’s more of a day-to-day; what needs attention today? Lately it’s been the children in Aleppo. I can’t even; it’s overwhelming what’s been happening over there. Overall, I think Random Acts (Misha Collins' charity) really has the right idea: Spread kindness. Help where it’s needed. Be present. Do what you can. Volunteer. Bring joy.

She loves steampunking crafts 

CB: When you find spare time, how do you spend it?

SS: Oh I do yearn for spare time. When I’m not working, which is a fair amount, my time rapidly fills will home/mom duties (#TheLaundryOMG). But when I have a quiet minute, I’ll knit or do some other craft. (I’m mad for SteamPunking anything I can get my hands on) while I catch up on the shows I’ve missed. Also, my husband and I love to play hooky and go see a movie while my son is at school. I also live to organize. I love to throw things out!