Hey, "Once Upon A Time" fans. It's been a long break, right? Well, the wonderful ABC folks recently chimed in to reveal what's in store in the upcoming episode 11 of season 6 when it finally returns on Sunday night, March 5th, 2017. We got a couple of storyline scoops from their latest press release. Apparently, we'll be seeing Hook and David race against the clock to try and stop Gideon from confronting Emma! Regina will have a disheartening realization that everyone would've been better off had she been defeated in some alternate reality, and more.

Snow is sleeping like a baby

As previously reported, they decided to title this one: "Tougher Than The Rest." According to their official description, we're going to see Snow, still engaged in a deep slumber in Storybrooke. They didn't reveal if Snow ever makes it out of this deep sleep state, so all we know is that she's MIA for now.

Stop him!

Next, we learn that Gideon will be trying to track down Emma to have some sort of big confrontation with her, and that Hook and David will be heavy on his trail in effort to try and thwart his attempts. Will they be successful? That's the big question for this scenario. However, we're not done with Gideon, because he shows up in a another storyline. Apparently, he's going to make some big, elaborate confession to Gold and Belle that explains where he was supposedly at during the time he went missing.

Regina sees what could've been

Elsewhere, we're going to see some action go down with Regina. She is going to be facing some very discouraging issues as she confronts the supposed realization that ,just maybe, everyone would have been better off in an alternate universe where her Evil Queen self was defeated. That should deliver up some interesting scenes.

Will Regina let this get the better of her?

The big eureka moment

Lastly, we'll be seeing Emma in action with Regina in this final teaser. She's going to inspire a familiar face to help her and Regina get back home, and it's going to cause her to realize a new power that can provide a real game changer for her fate! This episode was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz, and they brought on Billy Gierhart to direct it. Again, look for this thing to air on Sunday night, March 5th, and stay tuned.