A lot of people think a crossover show will have all the characters together in just one show. That is not the case at all. Some of the characters will appear in some of the shows, but not all the characters will appear in all the shows. It will be interesting though to see how the characters from the fire department relate to the people of the police department when working with the medical people and the investigators and prosecutors.

Even though there are four shows, the Chicago crossover will take place over a three-hour period on Wednesday, March 1.

The crossover will kickoff on NBC at 8 p.m. with "Chicago Fire," followed by "Chicago P.D." at 9 p.m. and "Chicago Justice" at 10 p.m. The doctors and nurses from "Chicago Med" will also show up in the episodes.

Also, "Law & Order: SVU" will not be aired so that the crossover shows can be seen as a way of promoting the new show, "Chicago Justice" before it moves to its regular Sundays time slot on March 5 at 9 p.m.

This is not the first time there has been crossover shows. Sometimes the "Law & Order" cast is also included. However, those characters will not be in the March 1 crossover.

NBC shows

Most people are familiar with the current shows about the people protecting the city. All of the Chicago shows, as well as "Law & Order," are produced by Dick Wolf.

"Chicago Fire" follows firefighters and paramedics working together to handle fires and other emergencies. "Chicago P.D." follows the men and women who fight crime to keep the windy city safe. "Chicago Med" is about professionals who handle medical issues. The new show, "Chicago Justice" introduces a professional team of law enforcers.

'Chicago Justice' the newest show

"Chicago Justice" is the new installment to the hit NBC Chicago franchise. Just like the other professionals, those in this drama comprise a team of dedicated prosecutors and investigators who make sure the city is run legally. They take on high-profile cases that appear to be unsolvable until there is a sudden twist where everything falls into place.

The cast consists of characters who are passionate about what they do for the city. They bond in the process and become a strong family who looks out for one another even when it comes to things unrelated to their jobs. That seems to be a common thread with Wolf's Chicago shows. He makes sure the teams not only relate at work but also in family matters.

Keep in mind that the crossover shows are aired at a special day and time on Wednesday, March 1 that's different from their usual days and times. The following week, the shows will return to their regular time slots.