Recently, Good Morning America was able to snag up a 2nd , sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming "The Bachelor" episode 9, and it definitely does show some interesting stuff as it delivers more footage of Nick and Andi, chatting it up after she arrives at his hotel room. They talked about how this whole situation seems so weird. Andi also asks him if he regrets his little confrontation stunt he pulled during the finale of her season after she picked Josh Murray over him, and more!

Why are you here?

In the new clip, we see it start off with a scene of Nick letting her inside.

Then we get him, telling the private cams that he thought Andi would be the last person that he thought he would ever see at this point, recalling that the last time she showed up at his hotel door, it was to break up with him. Next, we got a scene of Nick, asking Andi to what does he owe the pleasure of a visit from her. She should've just told him that ABC paid her, but instead, she went with this whole " I wanna know what you're thinking." "How's it going" BS. I mean, seriously, why in the hell would she really care?

What about that time when you....

Anyways, Nick decided to play along and answer her questions. Nick told her that he can actually relate to what she had to go through during her season, which really sparked Andi's interest.

He said, the process is great, but very tough at the same time. After that, Andi popped out the big question by asking him if he now regrets coming on to the "After The Final Rose" episode of her season to ask her why she slept with him and then went and picked Josh Murray to be her main squeeze. The clip edited out his reply to that question, but hopefully, we'll see it when the episode actually airs.

Now, he's doing the dumping

Next, it showed Nick, talking about how this whole situation seems really weird, because the last time she knocked on his door, it was to break up with him. From there, Andi switched the conversation, pointing out, that now, he gets to do the dumping. It capped off with Andi appearing to be quite shocked to hear that Nick got 30 women on his season.

All in all, they got along quite well, and actually gave us a very interesting conversation. I'm curious to see how the full version turns out. We'll be getting to see that this Monday night, February 27th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Be sure to check out the new sneak peek clip, below, and stay tuned.