Alright, "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit" fans. It's time to deliver up some small, but official new spoiler scoops for the upcoming episode 11 of the current season 18. We got this short, synopsis scoop straight from an NBC press release, and it sounds pretty serious as the SVU team has to work a case that's filled with vicious locker room violence due to some bullying and hazing action!

They've got "Great Expectations"

The press release also provided a title for this new, 11th installment. It turns out that the producers thought it would be a good idea to call this one: "Great Expectations.

" According to the official plot teaser, we're going to see the focus get directed at the players of a top youth hockey team. And it sounds like these boys are going to find themselves in a whole heap of trouble, because they apparently, engage in a hazing incident that turns out to be very vicious and violent!

They try to find out who's at fault

In fact, things get so bad that it prompts the attention of the Special Victims Unit team. They jump on the case to launch a very thorough and intense investigation into the matter. From there, we have no idea how this thing plays out, because the NBC press release cuts us off at that point. So, we got some big questions, lingering here. What will the team uncover during their investigation?

Is somebody going to get freaking arrested? Or will these guys just get let off the hook? One thing's for sure, it'll certainly be very interesting to see how this scenario plays out.

See? I told you it was a very brief synopsis. However, I'm sure this hour-long episode will show some other interesting scenes, but that synopsis should be what most of this episode will be focused on.

It's highly possible that we'll see a new promo/spoiler clip get dropped after episode 12 wraps up, so you might want to keep an eye out for that, because they usually give away extra details that aren't covered in press release reveals. Speaking of the press release, it did also confirm that episode 13 is currently scheduled to show up next Wednesday night, February 15th,2017 at 8pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.