Hey, "Bachelor 2017" fans. We've got another set of brand new spoiler teasers for you guys for the next episode 10, straight from the desk of ABC this time. Our usual source, Reality Steve, didn't have anything for this one, so these spoilers will be a little bit more vague, given that ABC will not want to severely spoil their own show the way Steve does. It turns out that we're going to see a continuation of stuff that goes down in episode 9, which includes more dates. And we should finally see who his final two women will be after it's all said and done.

Talk in front of a fire

According to ABC's official description, we find out that we're going to see footage of Nick, taking out all the final three, remaining ladies on a date, which we assume, will be very romantic. These are going to be the overnight dates. They tell us that we'll be seeing Nick, take one of the ladies to a reindeer farm on their date, and it sounds like, at some point, things will get pretty deep as they end up, talking about what their possible future could be like while sitting down in front of a fire, or a roaring fire as they call it.

Unfortunately, they didn't indicate which girl this is, so we're left to wonder who that will be. Another question for this scenario, is will she accept the fantasy suite invite, so she can spend the night with Nick?

We may get some extra details on that when ABC drops the promo clip for this episode after episode 9 airs tonight. However, in the meantime, it's just a big question mark.

Sauna and hot tub action

Next, we learn about another date that is going to take place. On this one, Nick is going to take ,whoever this is, on a date that involves some icy water action.

Then on the second half, we'll be seeing them get all warm in a sauna and hot tub. Again, ABC was pretty vague with this description, so we don't know which lady was involved in this particular date, or what that whole icy water action was all about. We'll also be wanting to know if this one, ends up accepting the fantasy date card.

It's definitely expected that we'll see all that go down in this installment, because the next one, is the special "Women Tell All" episode. Anyways, we can also confirm that episode 10 is scheduled to show up on Monday night, March 6th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.