Nick Viall's journey to find love is underway after eliminating eight girls on "The Bachelor" season premiere. Next week, the 26-year-old software salesman and model will start going on his first round of dates with the 22 contestants who remain, and fans can expect the drama between the girls to begin. Episode 2 will air on Monday, January 9, and 19 out of the 22 girls who remain will go on dates with Nick. Three girls will have to relax by the mansion pool during the second episode, but at least they will avoid some of the group date drama.

Here are the latest spoilers about the second week of Nick's season of "The Bachelor," including some intel on one woman who decides to leave the show before the rose ceremony.

Who gets the first one-on-one date?

Filming for Episode 2 took place in Los Angeles, with spoilers indicating that Nick and the girls won't leave California until they travel to Nick's hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in Episode 4 (January 23). There are two group dates during the second week of the season, but the date everyone wants to go on is the one-on-one, and that went to contestant Danielle Maltby. Filmed in late September, Reality Steve states that Nick and Danielle rode a ferris wheel at the Balboa Fun Zone and then took a boat ride in the Newport Beach area. The date ends with Danielle getting a rose.

On one of the two group dates, contestant Liz Sandoz, who admitted to sleeping with Nick before filming started for this season of "The Bachelor," decides to ditch Nick and leave the show.

During the premiere, she admitted to the other girls that she slept with Nick after "Bachelor in Paradise" stars' Jade and Tanner Tolbert's wedding and proceeded to have an awkward conversation about the one-night stand with Nick. It's not clear (yet) why she decided to leave, but it's possible that she just wasn't as into Nick as she thought — or got that vibe from him.

Who gets eliminated at the rose ceremony?

Liz leaves during the group date and that leaves Nick with 21 girls to face at the second rose ceremony of the season. Spoilers indicate that Nick sends Lacey Mark, Elizabeth Whitelaw, and Hailey Merk home without a rose.

The following week (January 15), "The Bachelor" Nick Viall will start out Episode 3 with 18 girls, but after a group date, a one-on-one date, and a two-on-one date, and a rose ceremony, he will move on to Episode 4 (January 22) with 15 girls.