#MAGA is a four-letter abbreviation that means make America great again. "Rectify" is a recently concluded TV Series from Sundance. MAGA seeks greatness and looks backward. "Rectify" seeks justice and looks for truth and beauty in the now. VOX calls "Rectify" a "lovely, little-seen drama." A man who has spent 19 years on death row is released. The series is about the effect of Daniel Holden's return on the people around him Says VOX: "Watching season four is like watching a dam burst, as each character experiences some sort of major revelation about what they want in life, then finds the words to express it.

There are few shows as wise about the inner workings of our minds as this one, and season four has been next level in that regard."

The problem with MAGA

In addition to looking backward, MAGA is a partisan slogan most often directed at anyone seen as an enemy of Donald Trump. This does not bring the country together. It suggests my way or the highway. It suggests exclusion. It even suggests harm because it is most often used in messages on social media aimed at destroying any and all opposition. MAGA is too often a call to exclude whole groups. MAGA is too often more hostile than loving. We need to make America great. Agreed. How about now? And by rectifying a past has hurt many deeply.

'Rectify' suggests moving forward and forgiving

Ever since there was philosophy, sages have said the place to seek truth is within ourselves. That's complex.

But it beats not thinking at all. Or thinking harmful thoughts. Or creating the sort of doom "Rectify" seeks to assuage..

We can only make America great now if we come together.

We can only come together if we forgive each other. The President needs to understand. This is not a pivot. It is an inner turning, based on genuine repentance. On opening eyes to the beauty in all. On seeing all are precious. It rejects exclusion. Is this a huge pipe dream? Sure, but... Having dreams is what the now is about. And the now is all we have. We need something to change things. To make them right. We need to heal a painful past.

Maybe a dose of "Rectify"?