Ok, so we recently got the new, official spoiler description in from NBC for their upcoming "Chicago Fire" episode 15 of season 5. They gave us quite a few storyline reveals as this one is going to get real dramatic. It turns out that some old factory is going to go up in flames, putting the whole, freaking town in much danger! Some personal issues get all entangled in this fiery plotline, making things even more difficult and drama-filled, and more!

This is a "Deathtrap"

They definitely came up with a great title for this installment, calling it: "Deathtrap." In the official description, they started things off by telling us, in all caps, that this crazy, blazing fire is going to lead into a crossover into an episode of the Chicago P.D.

show, but it won't stop there. After that, it will lead into another crossover to introduce a new Chicago franchise show, which is labeled: "Chicago Justice." This episode is definitely going to be a pretty big deal.

Major fire madness

Getting back to the synopsis, we're going to see a bunch of poor, unsuspecting victims get freaking trapped in a old , very ill-equipped factory when it ends up catching on fire, starting up a very huge blaze that they're describing as being a freaking firestorm! In response to this madness, a huge all-city alert gets sent out to try and handle this thing. We'll see truck and squad get called in to try to put this thing out and rescue all those trapped people.

The hospital gets overrun with patients

Next, we learn that things are going to get even more dramatic and interesting as it's going to be revealed that someone from the Chicago PD, has a family member that's at the scene of this insane tragedy situation! After that, they revealed that we're going to see a scene that shows all the Chicago Med nurses and doctors undergo a major test when they get faced with a huge influx of patients that were involved in the big fire.

Lots of them are going to need serious medical attention! The big questions, here, is will they be able to rescue everyone? Or will we see a few deaths result from this? It's definitely going to give us some wild scenes. That's for sure.

A startling turn of events

Finally, we've got this last teaser that lets us know that we're going to see the owner of this messed up factory from hell, try to cooperate with the investigation.

However, things are going to get real interesting when something very sudden and shocking takes place. What could it be? Unfortunately, they wouldn't elaborate on that, so it looks like we'll just have to wait until this thing airs to find that out. Episode 15 is scheduled to air next Tuesday night, March 1st, 2017 at 9pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.