"Vanderpump Rules" hostess Lala Kent has been in the news for months. Her co-stars have accused her of having an affair with a married man. Of course the rumors of his identity ran wild. There have been rumors that her secret guy was a professional athlete. That stemmed from her wanting to appear on a reality show that only wives and girlfriends of professional athletes can be on.

Her friend tells all in an interview

The most recent rumors include a name. Randall Emmett. He is a married man with a young daughter. She had appeared in a movie ("Arsenal" with Nicholas Cage) that he was associated with in his job as a producer.

Supposedly she had slept with someone in order to be cast in the movie. Lala has not confirmed or denied but no hard proof has been presented on either side. The only thing that may be a clue is the use of the name "Randal" on Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder's Twitter pages. And of course there was the James Kennedy interview on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen. He told the story of Randall that night.

In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight," Lala said that it was a rough season for her. She wanted to keep her private life private and just do the show. It just didn't work that way for her with her co-stars. Lala Kent has had enough for the season and is not interested in filming any more shows.

The Reunion show is even up in the air for her.

Chances are good she will do the Reunion show

Scheana Shay is encouraging Lala to show up for the taping of the Reunion show. It could be her chance to resolve an issue or two. Or it could lead to more name-calling and mud-slinging. Either way, she should be there to defend herself and tell her part, according to Lisa Vanderpump.

Lala Kent has not totally agreed to do the Reunion, but she hasn't said no either. It would be the perfect time for her to clear up all the issues. She keeps denying being involved with a married man. Maybe it is time to clear all of this up once and for all and her man come forward, if nothing else, to protect the honor of the woman protecting his privacy.