Drama at "Vanderpump Rules"? There is always drama at SUR. Scheana Shay is just one of the cast members stirring the pot. She recently appeared on "The Tomorrow Show" and was interviewed by Kevin Undergaro. Not only did she talk about the behind the scenes drama, but she also discussed her lesbian affairs.

Cast members jealous of each other?

According to Radar Online, Scheana Shay says that even though the rest of the cast won't admit it, there is a level of animosity between them all. They don't seem to be genuinely happy for each other when one has an accomplishment.

She feels that this may lead to the fighting that goes on between the staff. The drama isn't created for TV but there always seems to be drama in the "Housewives of Beverly Hills" spinoff.

The "Vanderpump Rules" cast had a New Year's Eve party. Shay says she was not in attendance but there was drama at the event. She also recalled a birthday party that was full of drama. The cast just seems to naturally create it. We all know about how she voiced her opinion of the money spent for the Bridal Shower of Katie Maloney-Schwartz, a rant which she later blamed on her personal issues in her crumbling marriage at the time.

A night of drinking leads to a lesbian affair.

In discussing her intent to move on after her divorce, she recounted her history of lesbian relationships.

According to the star, when her best friend was her roommate, they had an affair that involved a friend of theirs. Shay also said she would be interested in a threesome that involved Kylie Jenner.

She admits that when a lesbian affair with her best friend and another woman happened, there was a lot of alcohol involved. Apparently she doesn't remember all the details of that evening but she "didn't hate it".

There was drama though. Their friendship took a hit but the two have managed to put it behind them.

Scheana Shay has made it clear that her plan is to remain in the spotlight. The drama that viewers love on "Vanderpump Rules" just wouldn't be the same without Shay in the mix.