Wednesday evening's BRIT awards was, as usual, a star-studded event, with David Bowie and George Michael honored posthumously. However, there was a touch of more recent, and rather more political, irony on display, as Katy Perry did this year's version of "Left Shark."

Perry fans might remember the "Left Shark" phenomenon at Super Bowl, where a costumed duo grabbed the nation's attention wearing shark costumes. Her performance at the BRIT awards tended to outshine the shark performance, however, and got a tad more, well, political.

When pop star Perry got up to perform her new song, “Chained to the Rhythm,” many in the audience might have considered it a typical, bubblegum pop song.

However, it turns out the lyrics were quite pointed. The English singer sang out about “living in a bubble” while failing to see the trouble. And the trouble she was relating to was, to put it mildly, our current political leaders.

Katy’s latest performance gave a clear and direct political message, aimed at U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and the new U.S. President Donald Trump. Pointing at the recent visit by May to the U.S., Perry did this by performing on stage with two, larger-than-life, skeletal figures, dressed rather suspiciously like the political duo themselves (red tie, red dress and all).

There was reportedly even a little mishap as she sang, as dancers, dressed like little houses, moved around her on stage, with one managing to fall off in what looked like a mini-demolition.

As reported by Newsweek, after her slightly less than subtle political performance at the BRIT awards, Katy headed off to make an appearance at the after party thrown by her record label, Universal Music at the 180 Strand Soho House pop up event in central London.

Stumbling around like a wasted zombie

In their own report on the story, New Statesman thanked Perry for enlivening what they consider to be a typically “very boring awards show,” as Katy sang about “stumbling around like a wasted zombie,” with the two skeleton puppets doing their thing in their rather political outfits.

Of course, the BRIT awards weren’t all as boring as New Statesman believes. As reported by Blasting News, there was a moving tribute to the late and great David Bowie, who won not only the “Album of the Year” for his epic “Blackstar” album, but also a posthumous award as Best Male Solo Artist. Also, Coldstar’s Chris Martin, sang a heartrending version of “A Different Corner” in honor of George Michael, who recently left this world.

Other news from the BRIT awards

Newsweek did mention that “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams was at the event, but wouldn’t give out any spoilers about the upcoming Season Seven, set to premiere this summer. She did, apparently, speak with delight about the fact that her female co-star, Emilia Clarke, will be joining the “Star Wars” cast, while starring in the Han Solo spinoff movie produced by Disney and Lucas Films.