Cheating rumors have been hitting Kylie Jenner and Tyga again. It was originally rumored that the 27-year-old rapper is being unfaithful again to his 19-year-old girlfriend. But, is the cosmetics maiden the one who's cheating this time around? Fans seem to think they have found a clue that the glamour girl is the one who's stepping out on him and it could be the reason why she's in such a hurry to get married these days. She made headlines all week when she posted a series of sexy mirror selfies in which she wore nothing but underwear.

Reality star cheating on her rapper boyfriend? Fans see clues in her latest selfie

It looks like Kylie Jenner's latest photo is raising eyebrows. The star usually poses in camisoles, lacy bras, and thongs, but she posed in a pair of men's underwear this time around. She took to Instagram on Friday, Feb. 24 to share a mirror selfie in which she's seen wearing a white tank top pulled up to show off her taut and tight tummy. She accessorized her look with matching men's boxer briefs with a black waistband.

So, why is this photo causing a stir? Fans suspect that Kylie Jenner wore that underwear to make her rapper boyfriend jealous. He is currently on tour in Europe and insiders told Hollywood Life that she is worried that he will hook up with groupies while he's away.

The raven-haired beauty is worried that Tyga will cheat on her again during his world tour. She has been constantly thinking about him and the girls that are chasing him down since she decided not to follow him on his tour. It's also been alluded that guys have been chasing her down and that is why she was photographed wearing men's underwear on Instagram last week.

Kylie Jenner in a rush to wed Tyga as soon as possible

The label on Kylie Jenner's underwear is different from her "Thick" underwear merchandise that's sold at her official store. It's also not from Tyga's CRISP Boxers line that he promotes on his respective store. According to a report via the Daily Mail, it features Cyrillic text across the waistband.

That is one of the reasons this mirror selfie has fans talking about the couple's troubled relationship. Tyga has been the one whose been accused of being unfaithful to his girlfriend for the past few years. Now, it looks like Kylie Jenner is the one who's in the hot seat this time around.

This comes after an insider told Hollywood Life that she feels ready to marry her boyfriend. She has already planned their entire wedding and honeymoon in her head. Though it should be noted that it hasn't been confirmed that the couple is engaged. She could be feeling a little guilty, which is why she is in such a hurry to walk down the aisle. However, the insider told the celebrity gossip blog that she thinks getting married will put an end to Tyga's cheating rumors – not her own.