Kailyn Lowry hasn't been very popular with the "Teen Mom 2" crowd lately. After she announced she was divorcing Javi Marroquin and the footage of how it all went down when he returned from Qatar aired, she was criticized heavily. The two both agree that their marriage was affected by the miscarriage Lowry suffered at the end of 2015.

Fans start heckling the reality star

Once the footage began airing, "Teen Mom 2" viewers started in on Kailyn Lowry. She was shown being rude and almost unreasonable to Javi Marroquin, the man she once loved enough to marry and have a child with.

When viewers saw how her oldest son, Isaac reacted to the separation and subsequent divorce, things went south. The heckling and mocking began. It was bad enough that Lowry had to write a blog post addressed to her haters.

Since "Teen Mom 2" is now hosting live shows after each episode on Monday nights, things have gotten more intense for Kailyn Lowry. She has been on both live shows, this week and last. When Nessa asked her about whether or not she would have more children, she answered yes. Lowry told Javi Marroquin a lot of their problems were because he wanted more kids and she didn't. When she admitted to wanting one more child, things on social media went crazy. Marroquin brought out his "pettycopter" and started in on his ex-wife.

Fans followed suit, and now, Lowry is battling rumors of a pregnancy.

Pregnancy rumors begin with a photo

A fan decided it would be funny to edit a Snapchat photo Kailyn Lowry sent out with a positive pregnancy test added in. Mass hysteria on social media ensued, especially after her comments last Monday night. Things have gotten intense, and despite Lowry actually denying her pregnancy and saying she is not carrying another man's child, viewers are ripping her apart.

She has appeared on live tv two weeks in a row, and while she hasn't been filmed standing up, it doesn't appear that she is pregnant.

These rumors are persisting, and Kailyn Lowry is getting fed up. Several outlets are reporting the pregnancy as speculation despite the fact that she herself has said it isn't happening. Fans aren't buying her denial, but that is all that we have for now.