Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman got engaged after their time on "The Bachelorette." Things didn't work out for them, and now Josh is speaking out and saying that he thinks that Andi and Nick Viall are a great match. Maybe Andi should have picked Nick instead in the end. That might have worked out.

What did Josh Murray share?

Josh Murray sat down during a Facebook Live chat to share his thoughts on a lot of various topics. When talking about Nick and Andi, he said, "I think they're perfect for each other, to be honest. Knowing both of the people and who they are, they should have ended up together." Josh was engaged to Andi and spent a lot of time with her.

He was on the same season of the show with Nick and then also did "Bachelor in Paradise" with him as well. Josh does know them both pretty well.

The thing is Josh Murray didn't go on to explain why he feels that way. Andi Dorfman slammed Josh in her recent book and actually has another one coming out in 2018 that could talk about him more. Josh shared that he could do the same but didn't. He said, "It's very tempting to tell the truth. There could be a book written that would be very, very bad but that's not something I want to do." Josh shared that he doesn't want to attack people. It would be pretty interesting to hear what he had to say, though.

Josh also said that they do a great job of producing the show and they will portray you the way that they want to do it.

He knows that this hurts people, but they do it anyway. He did say that he wishes the best for the girls that are on Nick Viall's season. It was pretty obvious that Josh isn't a fan of Nick Viall or Andi Dorfman. It doesn't look like they will end up together, though. Next week, Andi shows up, but it is just to give Nick a bit of advice and not to win him back.

Do you think that Andi Dorfman should have picked Nick Viall instead of Josh Murray? Do you think they would have worked out if she had? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss getting to see Andi on next week's new episode of "The Bachelor" 2017 with Nick Viall.