Ever since Bryan Craig left "General Hospital" as Morgan Corinthos, the fans have wanted him back again. Morgan is said to be dead, but his body has never been found. They left it wide open for a return, and there has been some talk about them casting someone else in the role, but now Bryan Craig is hinting at the possibility of a return.

What did Bryan say to make fans think he might return?

At the GH Fantasy Weekend at West Palm Beach on Saturday, Bryan Craig spoke to his fans. He actually said that he would love to come back to "General Hospital" and when he said it he got a standing ovation.

It looks like the fans would enjoy having Bryan come back to the show again. He shared that his return would be a "scheduling thing" and would depend on if the writers wanted to bring him back. Bryan is leaving it really open and making it sound like he could show back up as Morgan at any point if they wanted him to do it.

Of course, Bryan Craig doesn't know who killed Morgan Corinthos, but when asked about it he teased and pointed at William DeVry who plays Julian Jerome. The fans would love to find out the truth, and you know that it will eventually come out.

As of right now, they are still leaving it open for Morgan Corinthos to return. Everyone is starting to move on from his death, but they don't have a body, and you know that he would be welcomed home by his family.

They could wait years to decide to do this, too. You just never know with a soap opera.

Back in January, Laura Wright talked about the rumors that Bryan Craig would be back again. At the time, it was confirmed that he wouldn't be back right away if ever. Laura said, "I’m sure they’d love to have the character back some day, but as of right now Bryan Craig is not coming back.

Bryan Craig left the show in order to pursue other things. I’m guessing in any normal soap world — they don’t find a body, [so] it’s smart to leave things open." You just never know.

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