John Legend was given the Green Light to perform at the 2017 NBA All-Star Game and he came through with a set of some of his biggest career hits. The halftime show has the potential to be awkward, but the R&B singer did his best to make it feel as natural and entertaining as possible, all while never quivering with his trademark vocals.

Give him the 'green light'

The Smoothie King Center stage was the perfect opportunity for Legend to get in front of a massive audience and do his thing. He commanded attention at the All-Star Game, which isn't always easy to do during the scheduled bathroom break.

The best way for him to reach the ears of a national television audience was to play songs most of his listeners would be familiar with.

"All of Me" was an obvious choice, with the love song being the biggest hit of his career by a large margin. "Glory" was also a strong decision due to its strong imagery in connection to the film "Selma," especially as Black History Month continues in the United States. Legend couldn't leave the All-Star Game without performing one of his first big hits, though, even if Andre 3000 wasn't around to support the performance of "Green Light."

Big year

The All-Star Game performance was the capper to a big year for Legend. He had a supporting role in the hit film "La La Land," which is expected to take home a plethora of Academy Awards this week.

The movie gave him an opportunity to showcase his acting and performing skills on a bigger stage, as he played the leader of a popular band who recruited Ryan Gosling's character into the fold.

He also released his first album in three years, "Darkness and Light," on December 2, 2016. The album was supported by the hit single "Love Me Now," his biggest since "All of Me." Legend performed the single during his All-Star Game appearance.

The album was not as strong commercially or critically as successful, but to the man married to a model, that probably matters little; what matters is that Legend is taking over the music industry, one song as a time.