Chrissy Teigen had a good time at the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday, and she has the videos to prove it. The 31-year-old shared a few clips with fans as she arrived home from the award show with husband John Legend. In true Teigen fashion, the Sports Illustrated model admitted she had indulged in alcoholic beverages throughout the evening.

Of course, this translated into hilarious and even sweet videos as Chrissy captured her return home. She and John once again proved they share relationship goals as the crooner made a few appearances on Chrissy's intoxicated clips.

Chrissy Teigen has her hubby help her undress

Teigen, who changed into an orange gown from Paule Ka's fall-winter 2017 collection to attend an after-party hosted by GQ and Chance The Rapper at Chateau Marmont, requested some assistance from Legend when it came to taking off her numerous necklaces once they arrived home.

In what may be the cutest drunk video ever, Teigen can be seen sitting on the floor as John concentrates on getting the tangled jewelry off of his wife. Chrissy says "ow" a few times as the necklaces catch in her hair, but John eventually prevails in removing the jewelry. Of course, all of this came after she announced to fans that they were making ramen upon arriving home from the Grammys parties.

John Legend proves to be the sweetest husband ever

As if Chrissy and John could get any cuter, the model videos herself asking her husband if he's mad at her, to which Legend replies "Why would I be mad? You're perfect." Cue the swooning! But the sweet talk may have been lost on a somewhat intoxicated Chrissy as she replies "Because I got drunk."

Teigen's fans apparently loved seeing the couple interacting post-Grammys as they took to social media to call them "goals."

Twitter has proved to be one of Teigen's favorite social media platforms as she replied to fans comments after her Grammys 'performance.' Chrissy simply replied with "thank u I agree" to her followers saying seeing her drunk and sitting on the floor as John takes her jewelry off is the best thing ever.

But that's not all Teigen had to say about the situation. In a tweet that addresses people referring to her and John as "goals," Chrissy tells girls to leave their boyfriends if they don't help remove jewelry after a night out. "How is John taking off my jewelry "relationship goals" like your f**** boyfriend won't take your necklace off jfc leave him."

Once again, Chrissy turned a routine awards show into an entertaining evening for fans as she continues to be her witty self.