The Great Wall’, Matt Damon’s new action movie, has failed at the United States box office. Costing about $150 million to produce, the monster Film reached approximately $18 million in ticket sales between USA and Canada. The data were released by comScore, that deals box office figures. 'The Great Wall', however, is already an international success. In china box office, it's reached about $180 million since it opened on December 16, and with the other 21 additional markets, accomulates approximately to an estimated $245 million.

'The Great Wall': flop only in North America

'The Great Wall', directed by Yimou Zhang isn't a global debacle. The American star Matt Damon is a European mercenary who is catched in an extensive effort to protect China from monsters. This film has collected a total of $244,6 million in the world. In addition, this action movie is the first English language film produced in China. Even if it is filmed completely in China, the movie was conceived to attract the public in North America, which is still the biggest box office market of the world and to demonstrate the ability of Chinese productions to attract audiences around the world.

The opinions of the critics and the box office results

The Matt Damon's film was rejected for the absence of substance and of an exciting storyline.

In fact, it is a good blockbuster, as some critics say, but it is not quite exciting. Usually, Transformers saga or DC Comics films are the only blockbusters of little substance that get on well with American audiences. Till now, 'The Great Wall' has reached only a 36% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a website of reviews, movie and TV schows.

Therefore, only one in three people approved this film. For the last weekend, the first film in box office ranking is 'The Lego Batman Movie' by Warner Bros with about $34 million, approximately $99 million in two week. 'Fifty Shades Darker' by Universal was in second position, with $21 million at the box office. Then, only third 'The Great Wall' whit his $18 million.